One of you will win an Infinite Objects digital display with the collected NFT displayed in loop.

- Your NFT must be in your wallet by September 3, 2022
- You must complete the Google Docs received by email (INFINITE OBJECTS REWARD) before OCTOBER 1, 2022.

SNAPSHOT TIME : September 3rd at 9:00am EST
The gift will be sent within 1 month after receiving the winner's information.

Note: Please allow up to 14 business days after the campaign ends for the winner to be announced. Winner will receive an email to the email address associated with their NFT user profile. accepts no responsibility in respect of the operation of the giveaway nor the quality and/or distribution of prizes or items attached which shall be the sole responsibility of the Contributor. The Terms and Conditions of the giveaway shall be a binding agreement between you and the Contributor only, and you accept that shall incur no liability in relation to the terms attached.
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